Safe School

The safe school project was intended to reach out in the first instance primary school administrators and teachers with a view to addressing the various facets of violence and indiscipline in primary schools of Mauritius. The project explored the different types and forms of violence occurring on the premises of primary schools as well as profiling perpetrators of those violence. On the basis of a survey of the headmasters and interviews with key stakeholders, an implementation plan has been developed to address indiscipline and school violence.

The project received funds from the Mauritius Research Council (Grant-MRC/RUN/1603).

Team Members (Mauritius Institute of Education & University of Mauritius)

  • Professor Y. Ramma – Principal Investigator
  • Mr I. Koodoruth
  • Dr B. Oogarah-Pratap
  • Dr A. Bholoa
  • Dr S. Payneeandy
  • Dr P. Nadal
  • Dr A. Ankiah-Gangadeen
  • Dr V. Bissonauth
  • Ms C. Thondee
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